Dental Implants

Over 30 million Americans are missing a tooth. With a 98% success rate and ability to last a lifetime, dental implants are the new standard for teeth replacement. A dental implant is the closest option to a natural tooth. It consists of an artificial titanium metal root that fuses to your jawbone and anchors a replacement tooth.

The downfall of dentures and bridges is that it does not preserve the bone whereas dental implants prevent bone loss by stimulating the jaw. Bone loss can weaken adjacent teeth and create facial sagging, ultimately changing the shape of your jaw.

Although dental implant treatment is more expensive and timely, most patients report a greater sense of satisfaction and confidence in their self-image in comparison with other missing teeth alternatives. Unlike dental bridges, implants do not need adjacent teeth to be modified.

As with any dental treatment, oral care at home and professional dental cleanings are a must for success. We recommend annual physicals as untreated diabetes can negatively impact your dental health.

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