Teeth Whitening In Hackettstown

Teeth Whitening In Hackettstown

Only professional teeth whitening in Hackettstown delivers results you'll be proud to show off when you smile. At West Morris Dental, we advise our patients to avoid the potential for disappointment that comes from using a store-bought whitening product- you just can't get the same quality of white as with a product recommended by your dentist. For a beautiful white smile, schedule a whitening session in our office or find out more about at-home whitening.

Why Whiten?

Reasons for whitening vary from patient to patient- we hear the following reasons most often cited by our patients:

  • School picture day approaching
  • Wedding day
  • Special occasion or event
  • High school reunion
  • First date
  • Boost in self-confidence
  • Trying for a promotion
  • Job interview

Whatever your reasons for wanting a brighter smile, our staff at West Morris Dental can help you reach your goals with single-visit in-office whitening that removes deep staining from food & drinks, smoking, and some medications. For more severe discoloration, we may recommend veneers to hide tooth imperfections and cover stains that whitening can't address.

Affordable Teeth Whitening in Hackettstown

If you thought you couldn't afford professional whitening, consider the following:

  1. Whitening is the least-costly of all cosmetic procedures
  2. Compared with OTC whitening products, you'll see a higher return on your investment

There's no substitute for pro-grade whitening products that penetrate deep into the tooth and beneath the surface, where over-the-counter products typically leave off. Best of all, patients see consistent results from professional whitening- unlike lesser-quality pastes that often over-white or fail to whiten at all. The last thing you want is to hide your teeth after a whitening session- we'll make sure you have every reason to smile when you leave our office after treatment.

Safer Whitening at West Morris Dental

Did you know that store-bought whitening products can actually damage your teeth's enamel? Stripping off enamel is not our dentist's recommended method of getting white teeth- our products safely, effectively remove stains and leave teeth the exact shade of white you choose before treatment. A more customized result can deliver superior confidence in social situations and intimate encounters. There's only one way to get professional results- by scheduling an appointment with your dentist to talk about whitening. If you're a good candidate for treatment, you can benefit from an in-office session or by using our at-home whitening kit.

How White Should You Go?

It's up to you how many shades of white you need to enhance the appearance of your smile. Schedule a complimentary consultation at West Morris Dental to speak with us about your goals. We'll show you all available options and help you choose the one that's right for your teeth. Whitening is for patients with permanent teeth and good gum health; it's essential to meet with us before you decide to whiten. New patients, call our office to book your next visit for pro-grade teeth whitening in Hackettstown. You'll never regret investing in your smile.

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