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Are you tired of living with missing teeth or teeth that have degraded to the point of being non-functional? If so, dentures may be the answer. At Roxbury Family Dentistry, we deliver professional teeth replacement services. Our friendly team will closely examine your teeth and provide an accurate picture of their health. From there, they’ll recommend the optimal solutions for you. We offer the following type of dentures at our clinic in Succasunna, New Jersey:


If there are still healthy teeth in your mouth, partial dentures can be fitted around them, replacing only the problematic or missing teeth that are giving you trouble. Partial dentures are attached to a base with a metal framework for support and are removable.

Dental Care Solutions

For total teeth replacement, our dentist at Roxbury Family Dentistry may recommend full dentures. Full dentures can be placed directly on the gums and secured in place via different stabilization techniques. For instance, overdentures can be positioned over remaining teeth that are healthy enough to not necessitate extraction. If all of your teeth do indeed need to be removed or are already missing, implant-supported dentures may be the better option. Rest assured, our highly trained and experienced dental professionals will help you understand the best option for restoring your oral health. Once we have you fitted, we’ll show you how to take care of them so that you always have a radiant smile.

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